Friday, 13 July 2012

Juxtapoz Magazine, July 2012 Issue

 Art + Culture Magazine
July 2012
This is the Adult Swim issue... 'what', we hear you ask?
It looks at Cartoon Networks, Sit Coms and the movie Adult Swim. Catching up with the artists, actors, writers and creatives that are involved in those industries. Various well known shows are featured like Black Dynamite, Squidbillies and Children's Hospital to name just a few.
So what more do we find in the watery depths of this publication:
Black Dynamite: Adult Swim the movie.
Childrens Hospital: A Rob Corddry creation.
Robot Chicken: Unique Emmy and Annie nominated animation series
... you want more, there is!
A quote that caught our eye in the Robot Chicken interview goes like this, "The animators are actors, so we will add things we never even thought possible into the actions of the show".
Ok, time to dive in...
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