Saturday, 31 March 2012

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'Fruit Ninja' 
Category: Games

For use on:
⁍ iPhone
⁍  iPad
Video Demonstration
Fruit Ninja:
The idea of this un is to slice and dice the fruit as it appears on screen, using your finger as a knife. If you can hit more than one fruit per swipe, points are added to the total. You can also use numerous knives (doh, fingers!) to up your points and get bonuses. Occasionally bombs can be thrown into the basket, (so to speak), for more mega messiness!
A great way to release pent up stress by puncturing a pomegranate, mangling a melon or rearranging a raspberry. Ether way, it will get your juices flowing- argh no, all over the place!
From the book. 

On the screen
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Collaboration: Rad Dad Collective have hooked up with Taschen Publishing to bring you an 'App a Week.' The inspiration came when we received a copy of The App & Mobile Case Study Book from Taschen and we were well impressed! 


Friday, 30 March 2012

New Product, Vikings of Skate, Tee Shirts

Eh... you never heard of um? Well now's the time to find out more.

Al started skating bowls a few decades ago and it wasn't till recently, with the help of his graphic designer wife, they decided to produce some ace tees. We took a few out to a skate spot to do a shoot and they attracted some attention. If it's anything to go by, the guys on the park were asking where to get hold of um and after dishing out a few stickers and hand shakes, the promise of the tees gaining in popularity certainly look bright from where we were standing.

Get up to date on the thread designs below...

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Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Rad Rides, Gavin Lucas, Stuart Robinson, Laurence King

The Best BMX Bikes of All Time
Authors: Gavin Lucas and Stuart Robinson
Publisher: Laurence King

Two wheels are just two wheels right? Wrong, bikes have come along way since they became a replacement for the horse, back in the day. Development has come thick and fast especially from the 1970's to present day. Along with Skateboarding, BMX - Bicycle Moto X(X said as cross) took off in skate parks and empty pools. Parks then sprung up everywhere in the western world to serve the BMX and Skate scenes. Eventually tracks were build and BMX bikes came into their own with their small wheels and frames which proved stronger and move chuckable. 

Apart from a few slumps in popularity in the past, it is now thriving in a big way. So we think now is the  perfect time for the publisher Laurence King to bring out this book and look back at the development and transformation of our small wheeled friends!

Quote from the text:
"These bikes recall good times past or realize a childhood dream of having a particular previously unobtainable model. In this book we remove the riders from the picture and let the bike themselves take centre stage".

Lets go internal...

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Thursday, 22 March 2012

New Product, Non-Toxic, Spray Paint, Liquitex, Winsor and Newton

Non-Toxic Spray Paint

Here's some exciting news for all of you who are fed up with inhaling toxic spray fumes or just had enough of wearing those sweaty face mask filters.

What is it?
It's a new water-based, low-odor, non-toxic acrylic spray paint which has just hit North America and is due to be introduced to the UK in the near future. We have been promised some cans to do a Product Test on when it drops in the UK, so keep um peeled for more...

In the meantime check in on the site and the vid, which features our close friends Fauna Graphic and Rocket who has already given their verdict on this wicked lung saving commodity.

Look at the Weby... HERE

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'BBC News' 
Category: Utilities

For use on:
⁍ iPad
BBC News
The BBC was late to take on the apps phone and pad market. Now all is well and they have loads of important and interesting subjects for you to wade through! Headlines, arts, sports, weather forecasts; you name it we are almost certain they can navigate you to your domain of interest. Always fresh and up to date with rich media and text content, stay on top with this App... well almost ☋

From the book. 

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Collaboration: Rad Dad Collective have hooked up with Taschen Publishing to bring you an 'App a Week.' The inspiration came when we received a copy of The App & Mobile Case Study Book from Taschen and we were well impressed! 

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Juxtapoz Magazine, April 2012 Issue


Art + Culture Magazine

  April 2012

Wow, it's that time again and it's looking good!
Bursting at the seams with Ed"Big Daddy"Roth, hitting hard on the cover this month with his 'Rat Fink" illustration and on the flip side another Converse wall in Hitnes, Napoli with an oceanic scene of fishies and star fish.

In the Contents:
Hownosm - the Spanish born, German twins now living in New York show us the intricacies of their work. An eye opener for some.

Ed Roth - at 250lbs, Ed is a black belt in karate, but this is not a graceful sight however.

Liqen - his work is born of mystery and fiction, like a womb or like the origins, always enigmatic by nature (not our words, his words).

John Baizley - always enjoys working on his sometimes very graphic designs.

Matt W. Moore - loves to eat lobster till he is full, sometimes 3 or 4 at a time. His art consists of varying shapes and a mix of vibrant colours.

Esteban Bojorquez - lived in a chicken coop for over 8 years back in the 1980s... should prove to be an interesting interview.

Like we've said before, there is so much more than just what we've outlined in the contents. A multitude of visual impaction that will leave you well satisfied!

PS. Our friend Phlegm from Sheffield, UK comments on Kid Acnes work on page 128... stoked.

Time to get down and dirty, lets go inside...

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App a Week, Foursquare, Social, Taschen

Category: Social

For use on:
⁍ Blackberry
⁍Mobile Website
⁍Video Demonstration
This App allows you to interact with your environment, by using your mobile/cell to pinpoint your location. It allows the user to check in with their friends and find out where they are and have places recommended by them to visit or avoid near by. 'Pings' keep you up to date with popular locations, e.g bars, galleries and skate spots. 'Alerts' give discounts and give-aways from local companies that may interest the user. You can also use someone else's visiting list or create you own...neat!
From the book. 

On the screen.
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Collaboration: Rad Dad Collective have hooked up with Taschen Publishing to bring you an 'App a Week.' The inspiration came when we received a copy of The App & Mobile Case Study Book from Taschen and we were well impressed! 

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Pulled. Mike Perry. Princeton Architectural Press

Pulled: A Catalog of Screen Printing
Author: Mike Perry
Publishers: Princeton Architectural Press

What?... no it's not about dating it's about screen printing and its importance as a medium.

Mike Perry paint eater and author of this wicked publication, takes us on a roller-coaster ride to what is screen printing. We weave, duck and dive in all directions leaving no elements of this artistic discipline untouched. It starts at the how to, an informative diagram of preparation, leading to the finished product and even to the clean- up, the scraping and disposal of inks etc.

Some of us in the Collective office wanted more of an insight into the intricacies of screen art and this book more than stimulated the need for us do more Pulling of our own.

With a lavish 250 pages and a myriad of printing examples - all in full colour (unless their printed in B and W of course) this title lives up to it's expectations of a quality read!

More than 40 artists expose their works, these include:
Aesthetic Apparatus
Deanne Cheuk
Steven Harrington
Maya Hayuk
Cody Hudson
Jeremy Ville
Andy Mueller
Andy Smith
... and yes, we could go on but we want to leave you to explore☋

A great Preface from Mike goes like this:
" The first time I pulled a screen print was in college. At that point, I had no idea what the term screen printing meant or how the countless posters I'd seen around school were made, but I knew I wanted to learn more. I signed up up for a class and fell in love instantly.

Studying graphic design, I'd felt like I was forever designing mock-ups and suddenly there I was, making something. I remember particularly the first time I printed a t-shirt. I designed, printed and heat-set the shirt before wearing it out that night. Printing that shirt evoked the same childlike sense of wonder I'd experienced making my first iron-on t shirt except, this time I was the sole creator."

RDC: And we'd just like to add, the book smells good too.
☀Ok, follow us inside to explore the inner workings...
    Mike Perry... bigger spoon please!

A big thank you to Derby University for allowing us to use their magnificent studios as a setting for the photo shoot.
If you are mesmerised with this read, like we are, go on the Logo to glean more.