Saturday, 31 March 2012

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'Fruit Ninja' 
Category: Games

For use on:
⁍ iPhone
⁍  iPad
Video Demonstration
Fruit Ninja:
The idea of this un is to slice and dice the fruit as it appears on screen, using your finger as a knife. If you can hit more than one fruit per swipe, points are added to the total. You can also use numerous knives (doh, fingers!) to up your points and get bonuses. Occasionally bombs can be thrown into the basket, (so to speak), for more mega messiness!
A great way to release pent up stress by puncturing a pomegranate, mangling a melon or rearranging a raspberry. Ether way, it will get your juices flowing- argh no, all over the place!
From the book. 

On the screen
Closer look at the App here...
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Collaboration: Rad Dad Collective have hooked up with Taschen Publishing to bring you an 'App a Week.' The inspiration came when we received a copy of The App & Mobile Case Study Book from Taschen and we were well impressed! 


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