Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Street Photography Now. Sophie Howarth. Thames and Hudson

Street Photography Now
Authors: Sophie Howarth and Stephen McLaren
Publisher: Thames & Hudson

Images from over 45 photographers, count um 45!

Getting down and dirty in the urban jungle, capturing shots at 1/24 of a second that otherwise would have been lost forever.

Street Photography Now, ventures into cities throughout the world collecting stills along the way, with stuff like men beating a dieing oxen in the streets of Spain (not so nice) to granddad towing granddaughter behind his powered wheel chair up an incline. A real juxtaposition in the styles and themes of the artists that click the pics.

Also included are descriptions and quotes by the photographers themselves, here are a few for you:

'Photographing in public keeps me awake and aware, always looking around, in awe at what humans are up to.'
Melanie Einzig

'You need obsession, dedication and balls.
Get out there while you still can.'
Martin Parr

'Street photography is like gambling.
You get lucky or you get nothing...'
Markus Hartel

This book is a well put together ensemble of colourful and fetching stills, more of an orchestration for the eyes than a calamity for the senses.

Go on, have a wander around inside...

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