Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Rad Rides, Gavin Lucas, Stuart Robinson, Laurence King

The Best BMX Bikes of All Time
Authors: Gavin Lucas and Stuart Robinson
Publisher: Laurence King

Two wheels are just two wheels right? Wrong, bikes have come along way since they became a replacement for the horse, back in the day. Development has come thick and fast especially from the 1970's to present day. Along with Skateboarding, BMX - Bicycle Moto X(X said as cross) took off in skate parks and empty pools. Parks then sprung up everywhere in the western world to serve the BMX and Skate scenes. Eventually tracks were build and BMX bikes came into their own with their small wheels and frames which proved stronger and move chuckable. 

Apart from a few slumps in popularity in the past, it is now thriving in a big way. So we think now is the  perfect time for the publisher Laurence King to bring out this book and look back at the development and transformation of our small wheeled friends!

Quote from the text:
"These bikes recall good times past or realize a childhood dream of having a particular previously unobtainable model. In this book we remove the riders from the picture and let the bike themselves take centre stage".

Lets go internal...

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