Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Architects Sketchbooks. Thames and Hudson

Architects' SketchBooks
Publisher: Thames & Hudson
If you're fascinated with architecture and design like we are, then this book could set your RSJ's a  tingling.
Full to the brim with colourful concepts and game plans for houses, apartments, factories, outhouses, land layouts, eco/eye (friendly car parks), bridges, airports and more... gasp, breathe!
The architects contributing to the book stack up as well, with people like:
Ben Addy
Will Alsop
Brent Buck
Cindy Rendely
Fantastic Norway
Norman Foster
Sean Godsell
Eva Jiricna
A4 Studio - need we say more, oh go on then... more!
With captions and a general summary of the artist or studio, it is well written and enhanced by examples of  drawings/scribbles/sketches of individual's work or works in progress. Also with computer mock - ups, models and simulations to stimulate even the most mundane of clientele and others like Ben Addy starting off his ideas with a simple pen, pencil and paper to get the creative juices flowing.
Here is a classic comment from Frank Clementi when he exclaims, "I wish I could draw better. I wish I knew what to draw. Tree's shouldn't look like boulders on scaffolding - that's how mine turn out if I'm not careful"
RD (It's refreshing to know it happens to the pro's as well)☋
OK, time to get your hard hat and steel toe caps on, we're going inside...

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  1. This book is worth every penny and every bit as good as the above review makes out. Simply cannot recommend this book highly enough if you'r elooking to be inspired whilst working on a personal portfolio, or simply like reading about conceptual architecture!