Thursday, 8 March 2012

VNA Magazine. Issue 17

Issue 17
Documenting Street Art and Graffiti in print since 2006
Heavens ta betsy it's that time again, Very Nearly Almost hits the streets running!
If we were to close our eyes and were asked to name this publication we would know straight away what this mag title was, with it's distinct smell, size and thickness. Like an old friend, it's nice to meet up with over a cup of coffee every few months and catch up with news, views and interviews from one of our favourite flavoured paperbacks.
This month's issue holds some true delights with a cover pic of Chaz and Bob and contents including:
Interesni Kazki
El Mac
The London Police
Else Icr
Angelique Houtkamp
Pablo delgado
... and graff sightings from London, Milan and Toronto.

So whether your into a single shot espresso or a lush caramel latte, this issue will keep your mug of infatuation running over with arty goodness for weeks to come.
Inside, semi or whole fat delights...
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