Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Eastpak. Getter Popout Backpack. Product Test

Getter 'Popout' Back Pack
From Their Urban Collection

Eastpak has kindly given us a backpack for our Street Test. 
We have been putting our featured backpack through it's paces just recently and it has stood up remarkably well.
A few weeks back we hit a hotel with the Fauna Graphic Crew, splashed some paint on a wall with Danny KJ; hit the trails on the mountain bike and thoroughly mudded up the bag but with a cloth and some mild detergent it washed up a treat and was ready for a city coffee shop meeting with our decerning artist friends who always have positive things to say about it's vibrant colour scheme. 
It has also been lugged about to numerous shows and exhibitions and has withstood dusty alleys, fence drops and general after dark activities... God that sounds ominous don't it! With it's brilliant yellow interior it is always easy to find that concealed cap or marker that you would normally only find in a standard dark interior backpack after you had dumped all the contents of the bag onto the floor first. You can fit 15 spray cans into the bowels of the bag and walk 2 miles to the next paint venue without any back prodding or discomfort.
As for skateboards, it holds a standard 8 inch with ease and will carry, we estimate, at least six Tech Decks safely. Super!
Tech Deck support!
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Sunday, 26 February 2012

Maverick Slacklines. Relentless Energy Drink. Product Test

Maverick Slacklines
Relentless Energy Drinks
A big thanks goes out to Maverick Industries for throwing us a Slackline and letting us give it a go.
Also thanks goes out to Relentless who threw in some refreshments for the afternoon, tins of "Devotion Berry Juiced Energy", which kept us focused and sparkling for the whole day.
The Slackline Experience:
It comes with its own nylon bag so the line and ratchet fits neatly into a small backpack so as not to scrape your precious ipod or knocking the lid off a spray can and filling your bag to the brim with gold paint and fumes.
The idea is to strap it between two trees - make sure you have some padding between the tree and line. We got some cheap foam which was light to carry and padded things out well. Use the rachet system to pull it down tight.
Then when you want a break from the busy skate park, get people hyped by walkin the slackline and throwing in a front flip, or bum bounce back to line and you will have your chums rubbin their eyes in disbelief.
It was well user friendly and within a few hours even the ol Rad guy was walkin the line. A bunch of kids threw off their runners and walked it bare foot - with the support of a friendly shoulder by their side. Also a guy named John just couldn't keep off it and ended up helping us pack away, he was that impressed.
Overall impression:
If you wana try something different, and use the core balance you've gained from skate boarding, then it's defo worth a try... and we nearly forgot to mention, if your going to fall, 50 cms ain't that harsh a blow, especially if it's set up on the grass!
Relentless Devotion Experience:
Everyone that tried out the S/line got a tinny of refreshment. This Berry flavour hit the spot, the day was hot with a still wind, so knockin back a few to keep hydrated was the name of the game.
Also on a stealth graff bomb the Relentless blended in nicely with the spray cans and tasted alot better then the paint fumes.
Check a few images below.

Very big thanks to both companies for their support, now go see um
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Saturday, 25 February 2012

Street Test. Eastpak. Getter. Popout. Backpack

Eastpak (2nd post)
'Getter' Back Pack
From Their Urban Collection

Eastpak has kindly given us a backpack for our Street Test Feature. 

And the saga continues... 

We have had some pretty criminal weather just recently, plenty of downpours with a bitta snow thrown in for good measure. That means soggy ground and a mud bath out on the trails. So it's no surprise that we were mucked up to the 'Getter' on the photo shoot yesterday, even though the sun was out and the birds were singing the joys of spring.

It felt real good on the back and on some of the long up-hill pulls that we had to do to get to the intended shoot area, the bag didn't stress out the shoulders at all (the S and chest straps spread the load to take the stress off your upper arms on a long ride)!

As for visiting friends and artists at galleries - we discovered an almost attractive disdain towards the bag. Someone remarked, "Shit, that's loud" and eventually "I quite like it, it's growing on me" an attitude which seems to follow us wherever we went.

Looks like a big thumbs up to Eastpak so far... 

More Testing to come, keep um peeled!

Coffee shop partner... lacking in conversation though, dang!
In Switch Studio, on the casting couch... read these lines for us please!
Zebster photo shoot... just hangin around outside.
Back to Black...

Your nicked me son...

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Street Test. Eastpak. Getter Popout. Backpack

Eastpak (1st post)
'Getter' Back Pack
From Their Urban Collection

Eastpak has kindly given us a backpack for our Street Test Feature. 

The idea is to put it through the mill and see how it holds up to our day to day demands. We are regularly out spraying, stickering, hangin at Galleries, Skateboarding, Mountain Biking, Enduro Motor Biking and generally on Urban Exploration Missions. 
That means this bag has to be functional but be able to shine up real quick and look good! 
Let's check out the functions on this thing:

‣26 litres of space
‣Lap top sleeve
‣Front compartment organiser and key hook
‣2 large zip pockets up front
‣2 small side zip pockets
‣Small top zip pocket with head phone port
‣Velcro web Skateboard straps
‣Mega robust s-curve shoulder straps with chest belt and waist strap
‣Also a 30 year warranty, yes 30 years... ooba good!
Be prepared for it to get down and dirty, right here...
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Friday, 24 February 2012

Juxta. March 2012

Art + Culture Magazine

March 2012

Our mouths are watering and our hands are clammy... we can't wait to find out what's going on in Juxtapoz Magazine this month!
Buildings like mountain outcrops, full of colourful graffiti, fields of urban wastelands painted with pure imagination, washes on gallery walls, like lakes of water full of depth and texture and with an air of quality that adds to it's contents; it's looking good... Oh crap, just get on will yeh!

Hittin the cover this month is Andrew Schoultz with Horse Projection - acrylic and ink on paper.
Numerous artists adorn the contents page this month, starting with:
Andrew Schoultz... massively influenced by skateboard artist Mark McKee and Milwaukee graffer Obi One.
Miranda July... has a thing about resting on carpets in uncomfortable positions and has just finished her second film.
Jeff Canham... he was the art director for Surf magazine between 2000 - 2005, sign painting has heavily influenced his artistic style.
Jen Stark... her work emulates nature, with it's multi-coloured, multi-layered intricate pieces of work that has been inspired by growing up around different cultures in Miami.
Donny Miller... wants to construct a sperm whale in a mall car park; has sculptured the many facets of Michael Jackson's nose over the years and likes getting punched in the face - it makes him feel alive... Bam!
DVS1... never shows his face, Jude Law is a fan.
and the rest which makes up the remainder of the mag includes Profiles, Pop Life, Reviews and some well trendy ads, it's defo a publication for all the elements.
Oh, on the back cover is a Converse graff wall from Barcelona.
Right, let's sneak a peek...
Still not seen enough...go see more on the Logo

Juxta. February 2012

Art + Culture Magazine

February 2012

Teeth cleaned, garbage out, dishes washed, dog walked and moby/cell phone off - no more distractions for  a couple of hours, just enough time to snuggle up with the new Juxtapoz magazine and have a good gander!
Packed to the gunnels with arty goodness, this issue lights up like a beacon of reddy redness to attract the weariest of folk to it's warm inviting cover and... 'whaaat,  dang just get on with it will yeh!!'
Ok then...
Jeremy Geddes heads up this month's cover illustration, his realistic yet surreal style with fine art skills thrown in. Brilliant control of space and time continuum, we thinks! 
Another featured artist is one of our favs Ed Templeton, with his almost naive yet meaningful designs that turn up on skateboard graphics, canvases and gallery walls at an extraordinary rate these days and so they should!
We hear you ask... 'what the hell's on the contents page already?'
Jeremy Geddes of course... he paints for 12 hours a day, 7 days a week, a single painting can take up to 6 months to finish.
Ed Templeton of course... he married his wife Deanna at the ripe ol age of 19 and is a wicked aim with a slingshot, especially from a moving van.
Interesni Kazki... in Ukraine means interesting fairy tales.
Laurie Lipton... when younger, while other children were drawing flowers and bunnies, she was drawing bodies being blown up in wars and Cowboys and Indians mutilating each other... umm Nice?
Esther Pearl Watson... last summer she drew 100 pages a week for her third Unlovable comic anthology.
Modern Multiples... in the right mind set he would go up to a Casino Roulette wheel and say"everything on black".
... we could go on but we won't.
Right, lets see what's connected to the spine...
RDC: We just dismissed the myth that was; 'You shouldn't get your fingers in a shot".
"As promised, more from the inquisitive finger."
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