Thursday, 16 February 2012

Gestalten. The Urban Theater. Mark Jenkins

The Urban Theater
Author: Mark Jenkins
Publisher: Gestalten

Heads in walls, people impaled by traffic signs, legs sticking out of garbage bags, scary hoodied guys with baseball bats and plastic babies. What the hell is goin on, Mark Jenkins that's what!!

Mark has an interesting approach to his art, you have heard the saying, 'all the street is a stage', well he uses this remark to his full advantage by using humans forms as an illusion. Boxes and tape help portray the human form and they tend to get in some unusual and more than disconcerting situations, thanks to this sidewalk installation mistro. In a lot of cases the authorities have been contacted to release, what seems to be unfortunate souls from an uncomfortable predicament -  much to the amusement of Mark, who considers their presence to be an addition to the plot of the installation.

In this book you will find the best of this Washington, DC resident's street installations to date. With some satiric yet poignant reactions triggered by the general public to these unfortunate yet amusingly familiar forms in cities near you.

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