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Juxta. December 2011

Art + Culture Magazine

December 2011

It was a tug of war again this month, to see who would have the privilege of doing the write up for the Juxtapoz magazine. 
It's a sure thing that before it touches down on the office floor (from it's flying exit from our letter box) someone has caught it in mid-air, torn open the envelope and is staring at the open pages with an indulgent grin on their face. Dang it!
We have decided put a couple of the staff forward as javelin catchers for the 2012 London Olympics, less competition for the mag, ha ha. But seriously folks, it is a cracker of a Christmas issue, so let's get stuck in and find out the technical bits.
The cover is by Mark Ryden it depicts a carnivorous beauty wearing what we would describe as
"a dress with hazardous Health and Safety issues".
Mark Ryden has to be good, he has graced the cover of Juxtapoz no less then three times.
With numerous meat, meets Ab Lincoln which seems to feature a lot in his work, this definitely is an interesting style to be explored.
Pedro Friedeberg is a Mexican inventor of several styles of architecture, he claims to be an inventor of a new religion and a creator of two new salad recipes. He does a bit of painting as well, a true all rounder.
Geoffrey Chadsey into the human form, in particular men's torsos with arms flailing. A cool artist
with his favourite part of the body being the belly, "I love those little poochy bellies" he adds.
Moussa Kone finds inspiration in pages of illustrated manuscripts and medieval documentation. Is mainly a black and white artist and uses India ink pens because they give more organic lines to his work.
Sarah Cain hates green and has to force herself to apply green in her paintings. She started in graffiti and liked to bomb abandoned building, squats, and any old structures that would hold spray. Now she concentrates on more geometric shapes with acrylics and a brush.
Chase Jarvis was a young dirt bag skater (his words) and is now a photographer. Has been married for 14 years and has a cat named Dexter... neat!
And as you've come to expect, there are more single page artist profiles and colourful ads than you can shake a stick at.
Time to venture inside...
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