Friday, 24 February 2012

Juxta. August 2011

Art + Culture 
August 2011

Ahhhh, one of our favourite magazines is out again, at last.

We think a month is far too long to wait for the Juxtapoz magazine, that old adage "too much of a good thing" doesn't seem to apply in this instance. It's more like, "we can't get enough of a good thing", so on retrospect, thank God it comes out at least once a month!

Anyway, on with the looking, this issue features:
Craig Costello... founder of Krink Inc (maybe Inc should Ink).

Mary Iverson... her perfect day includes a bike ride, a latte and potato chips (not necessarily in that order).

Saner... his influences include colour, mysticism, masks and skulls (he is well into rituals).

Jonathan Zawada... admits that he has never touched drugs, not even a cigarette (Mr Will Power or what!).

Emek... when he was one and a half, he painted a mural with his diaper (the mind boggles on the thought of what media he used).

Autumn De Wilde... he likes losing games of scrabble to his Dad (we think)?

With loads of full colour photos, articles, and so much more... even the adverts are cool!

What are you waiting for, get to the newsagents or order online today, it's only once a month...Dang!

Wipe your feet and step inside...

To get your hands on it, click logo... go on you know you want too☋

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