Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Taschen. Mark Ryden's Pinxit

Mark Ryden's Pinxit
Publisher: Taschen

As big guns go, this book is maybe one of the biggest.
We reported that Mark Ryden has been featured numerous times in one of our favourite magazines and now you can see why - check out this great collectors item from the Taschen publishing company.
A truly magnificent title and one for the coffee table, it is a must for anyone who is into contemporary fine art, and one of the best artists from that genre is Mr Ryden. He has a way of blurring the boundaries between high and low end painting. He started his 'Pop Realism' style in the 1990's and has drawn many followers over the years.
Pinxit is a latin term meaning 'painted by' and this colossal leather bound edition is not a book to be look at on one's bent knees for too long, you could do yourself an injury! In fact you can almost take a stroll through it's pages, it's that big - best to use a table to browse through this one.
Time to prize back the door-like cover...
Marvel at the monster on the Logo...

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