Friday, 24 February 2012

Juxta. October 2011

Art + Culture Magazine

October 2011

Hold onto your hats, October proves to be another epic issue for Juxtapoz Magazine! 
The cover illustration called 'Bare Hugs' by Jeremy Fish sets the bar high for the rest of the mag to live up to, and it does!!

We jump straight in and meet...
 Jeremy Fish: He has worn the colour brown every day for the last 15 years and his goal is to grow the biggest beard in the world and win comps with it!

Mario Wagner: Is a digital artist, who did an award winning Cheerios ad for Saatchi and Saatchi. Loves Americano coffee and while on holiday in San Francisco met his present girlfriend and never returned home to Germany.

Steven Harrington: Likes lounging on bespoke coffee tables while admiring his complete collection of mutant Ninja Turtle figures and expects his Dad to fly through the living room window at any moment.

Brandon Chuesy: Only allows cigarette breaks to interrupt his train off thought (to hell with food!) even after 10 hours of work.

Two Schools of Cool: Interview with Ed Moses, Robert Williams and Sarah Cain.
RDC:Not all at the same time... could get confusing.

Dabs Myla:  They are an artistic couple and just had their first wedding anniversary. They still enjoy having it off on the kitchen table with Cap'n Crunch lookin on. They make Roger Gastman (the interviewer) wanna puke!
RDC: Hold it in Roger, their work is ace...

Other Profiles include:
Stacey Rozich
Dan Hillier
Matt Lyon
Jon Fox
Munk One
...and Ron English holding a rather aggressive looking happy face balloon on page 131.

And there's more... lets take a peak inside.
☀thanks to Montana Colours in Nottingham, UK for allowing us to use their shop as a setting for the photo shoot.

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