Friday, 24 February 2012

Juxta. January 2012

Art + Culture Magazine

January 2012

Audrey Kawasaki hits the cover this month with her 'Day Dream', oil and graphite on wood... neat!
Juxtapoz has a load of stuff on the inside this month like skeletons doing it doggy style, Horfe reading a Disney book while putting in some miles on his trike and Charming Baker shootin the shit with his oil and shotgun holes on linen piece .
Sneak peak of the contents:

Audrey Kawasaki is top of the list,  has two cats, into vid games and loves good conversation.
Mark Whalen, throws it down by saying he can out drink any American, a Ben and Jerry fan, and loves to hate Joe Pesci in Goodfellas.
Luis Toledo, wants to try heroin for desert sometime.
Horfe, keeps all his shoes (gamy!) and is heavily influenced by the animation of Walt Disney.
Peter Beste, has a bouncy castle fetish and has travelled from his home in New York to Norway 21 times over 10 years.
Crammed full of vibrancy,  lucidity and sublime pictorial diversity (what?) - January's issue is worth perusing the news stands for... better still order it online below⥥
Wipe your feet we're going inside...
Go on the Logo, you know you want to!

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