Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Eastpak. Getter Popout Backpack. Product Test

Getter 'Popout' Back Pack
From Their Urban Collection

Eastpak has kindly given us a backpack for our Street Test. 
We have been putting our featured backpack through it's paces just recently and it has stood up remarkably well.
A few weeks back we hit a hotel with the Fauna Graphic Crew, splashed some paint on a wall with Danny KJ; hit the trails on the mountain bike and thoroughly mudded up the bag but with a cloth and some mild detergent it washed up a treat and was ready for a city coffee shop meeting with our decerning artist friends who always have positive things to say about it's vibrant colour scheme. 
It has also been lugged about to numerous shows and exhibitions and has withstood dusty alleys, fence drops and general after dark activities... God that sounds ominous don't it! With it's brilliant yellow interior it is always easy to find that concealed cap or marker that you would normally only find in a standard dark interior backpack after you had dumped all the contents of the bag onto the floor first. You can fit 15 spray cans into the bowels of the bag and walk 2 miles to the next paint venue without any back prodding or discomfort.
As for skateboards, it holds a standard 8 inch with ease and will carry, we estimate, at least six Tech Decks safely. Super!
Tech Deck support!
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  1. Just ordered this rucsac, can't wait to get it! Great photos guys, realy helped a lot to decide what bag to buy, thanks!

  2. That's wicked news dude, glad we could help out:)