Friday, 24 February 2012

Juxta. March 2012

Art + Culture Magazine

March 2012

Our mouths are watering and our hands are clammy... we can't wait to find out what's going on in Juxtapoz Magazine this month!
Buildings like mountain outcrops, full of colourful graffiti, fields of urban wastelands painted with pure imagination, washes on gallery walls, like lakes of water full of depth and texture and with an air of quality that adds to it's contents; it's looking good... Oh crap, just get on will yeh!

Hittin the cover this month is Andrew Schoultz with Horse Projection - acrylic and ink on paper.
Numerous artists adorn the contents page this month, starting with:
Andrew Schoultz... massively influenced by skateboard artist Mark McKee and Milwaukee graffer Obi One.
Miranda July... has a thing about resting on carpets in uncomfortable positions and has just finished her second film.
Jeff Canham... he was the art director for Surf magazine between 2000 - 2005, sign painting has heavily influenced his artistic style.
Jen Stark... her work emulates nature, with it's multi-coloured, multi-layered intricate pieces of work that has been inspired by growing up around different cultures in Miami.
Donny Miller... wants to construct a sperm whale in a mall car park; has sculptured the many facets of Michael Jackson's nose over the years and likes getting punched in the face - it makes him feel alive... Bam!
DVS1... never shows his face, Jude Law is a fan.
and the rest which makes up the remainder of the mag includes Profiles, Pop Life, Reviews and some well trendy ads, it's defo a publication for all the elements.
Oh, on the back cover is a Converse graff wall from Barcelona.
Right, let's sneak a peek...
Still not seen enough...go see more on the Logo

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