Friday, 24 February 2012

Juxta. November 2011

Art + Culture Magazine

November 2011

Juxtapoz turned up on the doorstep today. Hurrah! It's full of lashings of art for the archetypal artisan with features from galleries and the street. 
This is obviously the Autumn issue, with it's grey and curled brown leafed cover illustration by Aaron Horkey. As it says in the Introduction, "Hunter? Gatherer? Something that builds the excitement, which drives the search to discover and to seek out". 
This is one of the reasons our copy of the magazine went on a journey with us to a woodland. Where the elongated shadows of the Fall sun cast angular fingered rays onto the forest floor. With a chill in the air and the dank smell of rotting leaves, this turned out to be the perfect setting for a shoot. We also found remnants of a kill, a wood pigeon's death (only feathers remaining) which we used as a back drop for a single shot of the mag. 
There is far more vibrant colour revealed within however. This month's interior casts a rainbow of combined tones and undertones to show that this is another great issue for Juxtapoz.
The contents page consists of a diverse collection of talent including:
Danijel Zezelj
Ashley Wood
Dan Seagrave
Astro - plus all the usual cool ads, shows and exhibition news you've come to expect from the dudes of this publication.

Ok, time to part the foliage and have a look inside this puppy...

Go out on a limb and check um out - go on the logo

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