Saturday, 18 February 2012

Gingko Press. The Mediums is the Message. Marshall McLuhan

The Medium is the Massage
Authors: Marshall McLuhan and Quentin Fiore
Publisher: Gingko Press

Marshall McLuhan a Canadian philosopher, scholar and professor published this book back in 1967. It is an insight into how media will mould and conform society, a speculative title at the time but in many ways it has lived up to all it's theoretical hype all those years ago.
He is famous for the phrases "the media is the message", "the global village" and he predicted the World Wide Web, 30 years before its inception.

In short, The Medium is the Massage looks at his original insight into modern living and proves how close his predictions really were.

The cover of this title, by Shepard Fairey, adds to its over all impact on the custodian of this small but impressive book.
To quote McLuhan about the media, "so pervasive are they in their personal, political, economic, aesthetic, psychological, moral, ethical and social consequences that they leave no part of us untouched, unaffected, or unaltered" a stirring reminder on how advertising truly affects all our lives!

Oops, we're sounding far too sophisticated...we will stop that now, ha.

Cover by Shepard Fairey

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