Thursday, 16 February 2012

Gestalten. Illustrators Unlimited

Illustrators Unlimited
The Essence of Contemporary Illustration
Publisher: Gestalten

We call this the "Read Book" because it is so cool we have already read it all!
A vast collection of 'varying media styled' illustrators come together in this publication.
Taken from the Introduction:
"In one sense, it is a picture book, which we hope will inspire those who practice illustration as well as those who aspire to it in either personal or professional situations. And as the title suggests, the book illustrates just how few boundaries exist: there is no set style, no set way."
Let's check out whose work is inside:
Traci Daberko
Sanna Mander
Sami Viljanto
Khuan + Ktron
Harry Campbell
Lotta Nieminen
Sol Linero
Zara Picken
... and there are tons more names, with 285 pages of full colour to give your eyes and thumbs a good workout.
We definitely found it inspirational, this book will be hangin round the Collective studio for some time to come.
Time to scan the inside...
To read more, go logo it!

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