Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Mark Batty Publishing. I Hate. The Art of Todd Bratrud

I Hate
The Art of Todd Bratrud
Publisher: Mark Batty Publications

Who the hell is Todd Bratrud??

If you are not into skating then you may not have ventured your eyes across his work. Todd's deck graphics are legendary and working with companies like Flip, Consolidated, Landscape, Creature, enjoi, Death and Skateboard Magazine... it's no wonder! He seems to have a knack of making illustrations look gruesome, with his cannibal babies, killer jet skis, horses with bellies slashed open with things living inside and fingers being severed by scissors (amongst other things).

A quote by Chris Nieratko about the man:
"It's a crying shame when a talented guy makes his living creating skateboard graphics and then gets pigeonholed as a"skate artist."I love skateboarding but I think there are some talents in skating that are bigger than us, that belong to the world. The usual suspects come to mind for all of us: Templeton, Gonz, Campbell, Blender, Bratrud."

So there yeh go, we couldn't have said it better ourselves...

One of the Collective Team still skates a board by Todd B.

Ok, we're goin in...

Thanks to 2 Seasons in the Westfield Centre, Derby, UK. DE1 2PG
For allowing us to use their shop for this photo shoot.
And to the manager for holding up the book!

To get hold of this book, go Logo it

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