Sunday, 19 February 2012

Carpet Bombing Culture. Out Of Sight. Rowany Wg

Out of Sight
Urban Art/Abandoned Spaces
Author/Photographer: Rowanywg
Publishers: Carpet Bombing Culture

This was one of these books we couldn't wait to get our hands on, and when it finally arrived the crew had a tussel on who was going to unwrap it. It was like every memorable occasion coming at once, birthday, chrisy, father's day, mother's day, easter, valenti... well uhhmmm, it's suffice to say we were excited about it!

Whilst holding this title in one's hands, it feels like its got substance to it, plenty of weight and we liked the smell (what?), lets hope looks don't deceive.

Flip the cover open and straight away vibrant colours jump from the pages and slap you round the face for a not so rude awakening into a world of subversive extravagance.

Have we got yeh hooked yet - Let's explore the inside more...

Some of our friends are featured:
Fauna Graphic
Sweet Toof
Cyclops... to throw out a few.

And the book ventures into places like:

Includes some great Quotes:

"... abandoned places have this particular atmosphere I love.
There is an "End of the World" feeling in those places that I really enjoy"

" me, abandoned spaces just seem like places that have outlived their purpose."

"...this isn't a hall of fame; it's about personal artistic evolution."

We give this un a big thumbs up and remember it's not just for the coffee table.
We thought of a few more ideas why to buy it:
☀excellent addition to your personal library
☀an accompaniment to coffee at Starbucks
☀perhaps to take on holiday
☀ reason for day out at your local park
☀a lazy night in
☀instead of washing the car
☀for a break from the kids
☀honey, make your own dinner
☀a reason for a review party
☀not been shopping today because...dang that will do, Enjoy!

Go on, click the logo below to find out more...dare yeh

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