Thursday, 16 February 2012

Gestalten. A Touch of Code. R Klanten

A Touch Of Code
Interactive Installations and Experiences
Editors: R. Klanten, S. Ehmann and V. Hanschke
Publisher: Gestalten

What do you get if you merge a computer, its hardware, its software and a lashing of artistic pinash?
A Touch of Code of course.
This book tells the story of how innovative work is produced where the virtual realms meet the real world and where data flow can confront the human senses.
Have we got your attention yet, if so then you will probably want to know where the word Code comes into play. In the days of ol,  the Code was what computer programmers used to interact with their artificially intelligent lumps. Now, through interactive algorithms forms are created that are beyond anyone's imagination.
For many years now code is no longer limited by screens, mice, keyboards, or terminal windows. All can be done by touch, or physical computing.
A Touch of Code shows how these genre work to create a contemporary medium.
Chapter Check:
Look - Constructing Visual Performance and Optical Seduction.
Touch - Examining Intelligent Interfaces and Tactile Communication.
Explore - Discovering New Terrains of Speculation and Innovation.
Engage - Establishing Operations of Involvement.
Intervene - Encouraging Personal Empowerment.
A 255 page title, full of colour and information; which needs a good sturdy hand or knee to support it's dexterous interior.
Let's see what joys the cover hides...
Thanks to Derby Uni for the use of their lavish facilities for this shoot.

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