Sunday, 19 February 2012

From Here to Fame. Monsters of Art. 20 Years of Havoc

Monsters of Art 20 Years of Havoc
Publishers: From Here To Fame

If you think train spotting's boring then it's time to get on track with this new title.

Are you fed up with the usual Virgin, Amtrak, ACP or VIA logos glistening in the mid mornin sun, and do you think, "same old same old".

Once in a while you may just be lucky enough to catch a fleeting glimpse of a graffitied locomotive on it's way for a scrub down over in the rail yard after a bombing session from the night before.
I guess what we're trying to say is, graffitited trains are a rarity these days, it doesn't mean the graffers aren't out doing it anymore-cos they are, it just means the authorities have found more efficient ways of removing the spray from the trains...unfortunately for us.

This book shows the pics before they get washed off, thus documenting the hard work and stealth missions it takes to liberate a train from it's corporate imagery.

Dang, that sounds capitalist... it's time to turn some pages.

With plenty of superlatives this book takes you to street/track level and brings the world of train bombing to life. Catching up with many European Crews willing to put their freedom on the line for their art...literally!

Contents page:
The Beginning
Graff 24-7
Doing time
...with more in between.

And with names like the MOA crew, VIMEO crew, MSN bombers, AIS, Cave, TGP, All, TATS CRU and The MILITIA...whoosh, that will do for now we're dizzy.

As you can see there is plenty to get your orbs around!

A truly great documentation of art on the rails...

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