Saturday, 18 February 2012

Gingko Press. Juxtapoz Erotica

Off The Shelf

Juxtapoz - Erotica
Author: Juxapoz Magazine
Publisher: Gingko Press

This book does what it says in the title.

Juxtapoz is a US magazine dear to our hearts.
Every now and then they decide to put out a hard back book, after filing away a collection of themed material in their data banks - till bursting point. With past titles like Tattoo, Dark Arts, Car Culture, Poster Art and a few more.

For title titillation this one is likely to make your mouth water, with full colour illustrations from 22 artists, who include:
Whitney Lee
Rockin' jellybean
Audrey Kawasaki
Mimi S.
Aaron Nagel... we could go on, but won't☋

Full of discrete and not so discrete illustrations of tits and bums, the only down side we can see is for those of you who crave the male form, well your dang outta luck!

Let's explore between the covers...

No need to keep it under lock and key - it's art.
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