Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Taschen. DC Comics XL Edition

DC Comics XL Edition - 75 Years
Author: Paul Levitz
Publishers: Taschen

Winner of the 2011 Eisner Comic Industry Award for Best Comics - Related Book of the Year!
Get on your tights/panty hose and wear your buggies smugglers on the outside because you're going to need to get some super powers to lift this epic DC Comic Bible!
Wowwww, we are really going to find it difficult to do this title justice - what a great bunch of history in this one and a real bruiser of a volume.
What does DC stand for?
The name originated from the early "Detective Comics" which were highly successful and so became the DC in the company name.

All about the complete 75 yr history of one of the most inventive comics companies of US history.
Paul Levitz who has been with DC for 38 years, takes us on a journey through the early days of basic experimental drawings to present day illustrative icons that we know and love!

Characters like Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, The Flash and The Green Lantern.
Along with the Joker, Riddler, Cat Woman, Watch Men and surprisingly Muhammad Ali.
With over 2000 images of original works, photos, film stills and collectibles.
With shimmy shiney double page introductions to each era, starting with:

The Stone Age (1938) and also
The Golden Age 1938 to 1956
The Silver Age 1956 to 1970
The Bronze Age 1970 to 1984
The Dark Age 1984 to 1998
And The Modern Age 1998 to 2010

The 'Modern Age' is the most demanding era for DC so far because of the change to digitised images. We have a quote from the book as a response to those of you who are concerned that we may lose this iconic comic to our modern ways... it goes like this - "Yet the need for myth remains and folklore remain powerful in our modern society, no matter how complex our understanding of the modern world becomes.
For 75 years, DC has found the way to bring together the incredible characters who can make modern mythology an art that attracts mass audiences... sit back by the fire in your hi-tech cave and watch the next decades of tales unfold. The storytellers are ready for you!"
DC Comics

No fear, it also comes with it's own carrying box. This book is a truly gargantuan publication full of Biff, Pow, Smash and Slam!!

A must, for the little kid and the discerning collector in all of us.

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