Saturday, 18 February 2012

Gingko Press. Monster Revolt!

Monster Revolt! the Art of Dirty Donny 
Publisher: Gingko Press


(Cue eerie background music, bats fluttering over head and rats squealing in dark corners) 

Welcome to your worst nightmare... if you like ghoulish images and have vampish intentions on your mind, this one could be right up your dark alley. 

The cover has a plush black velvet spine with silver embossed lettering of title and illustrator. 
The illustrator "Dirty" Donny Gilles grew up in Ottawa, Canada. He spent his young years skating, drawing, and filling his ears with punk and heavy metal music. 

Dirty started his artistic career designing underground art for lesser known rock bands, producing posters and record album covers. 
His art now embraces the Rock and Skate scene with products such as toys, decks, and guitar picks (plectrums - for the more musically inclined). Hooking up with companies like Vans, Fender, Dunlop, Kid Robot and the rock band Metallica. 

So expect to find within, a fine collection of Dirty's early and more contemporary work from sketches to pinball machine graphics and a whole lot of devilish brine in between. 

( Stop eerie music and cue wind sounds) 

Time to go inside, if you dare... (door squeaks)! 











...Steppin back into the daylight. 
Once you've finish coffin, you may want to check out more of the book... go logo. 


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