Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Spray Paint, Liquitex, Low Odor

Liquitex Nose Best
⁍Low odor - great for indoor, outdoor and if you like - no mask use! 

⁍It doesn't have the usual skin and eye irritant warnings that other spray cans have!

⁍A 100 colour spectrum which includes transparent, iridescent and fluorescent paints!
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Spray Paint, Liquitex, Low Odor

Spray Without a Scent
Now, let's just start with a few apologies. Liquitex Low Odor paint was launched in August 2012 so firstly we want to apologise to you (the reader) and secondly to Liquitex, for not getting the word out there sooner.
So here it is, if you want to get some painting done and wanna ditch that manky dust mask, then this paint could be the one for you, with its water-based technology for vibrance of colour, lightfastness, durability, that all important low odor uniqueness and it doesn't have the usual skin and eye irritant warnings that other spray cans have!
Liqutex has kindly sent some tins for us to do a mural with, so we are waiting for an opportunity to work on an inside wall to do this paint justice so please bear with us until we get in the right venue. We did however, do an indoor spray test and to our relief and astonishment there was very little smell from the paint. That will definitely please the clients who want a mural indoors and for those who want to stand and watch us painting outdoors.
This paint could Free your Face and your Mind...
Over the last year this paint has been tested by UK artists like:
Rocket 01
Dale Grimshaw
Mr Cenz
Andrew Mcattee
and many more...

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Color Me Manga Graffiti, Shiro, From Here to Fame

Color Me Manga Graffiti
Illustrator: Shiro
Publisher: From Here to Fame

This is a coloring book for Kids of all ages.

Japanese female graffiti artist Shiro, has used manga styled characters as inspiration for this publication. Her fun loving vision of life comes out in her art with inspirations coming from old school hip hop, Bboy and of course manga culture.

Quote from Shiro: 
Although manga wasn't my only interest as a kid (I was really more into video games), Japanese manga has a big impact on my art work. In Japan, manga is an important staple of our culture, as important as rice and chopsticks are in Japanese cuisine!"

It looks like it's time to get your crayon fingers ready.

Let's check inside...

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100 Best Bikes, Zahid Sardar, Laurence King Press

100 Best Bikes
Author: Zahid Sardar
Publisher: Laurence King Press
Are you are into BMX or Mountain Biking, get hyped on Road Racing, a City Commuter or like to take the long way round on a Touring Bike? 
Then you may just want to clock this book!
What's inside: 
⁍ a fascinating look at advanced mechanics, engineering and innovative design. 
⁍ with wicked two wheeled technology from across Europe, East and South Asia and North America.
⁍ hooking up with major and maverick manufacturers.
⁍  also a look at the use of outlandish build materials.
A quote we can relate to, from the author Zahid Sardar, goes:
"Recently, some friend and I took sturdy red Batavus MacBikes out north of central Amsterdam onto a landscape of out-of-the-way dikes, medieval streets and secret gardens. The thrill of pedaling from a bustling city to a country adventure only a few miles away is still palpable and I realize this is why, unlike many other nineteenth-century inventions that have long disappeared, the bike is here to stay.
It spells freedom."
Let's see what the pictures have to say...
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Sticker Bomb Monsters, SRK, Laurence King Press

Sticker Bomb Monsters
Publishers: Laurence King Press
This is truly a fun publication...
This new book includes weird and wonderful creatures which range from zombies, ghosts, spaghetti monsters and  love bugs.
As we all know, stickers are now an essential part of our everyday lives. Inexpensive and easy to produce they act as a business card for graffiti writers and an effective promo tool for 'getting the word out there'! You are no doubt going to find a sticker slap or a collection of stickers on a lamp post or a litter bin, which is always a highlight to any city visit.
This fully peelable sticker book has 250 stickers for you to slap up, by artists from around the world.
Lets peel back the covers, and check inside...

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Graffiti Art Magazine, Issue 16

Issue 16 hits the streets and with Rime in the mix it's gonna get real colourful real fast!

We can't get enough of this bilingual magazine (French/English), so when it does come out there is always a mad scramble to the letter box to be the first to eye it's contents.
With Rime on the cover, there's plenty to look at from the start and plenty to digest.

Here is a quote from Rime's site about himself and Graffiti:

That shit that happens outside. Full bodied application. Complicated motherf**ker’s sport. Interaction. Force play. Passion. Killing your old self by obsessing over something absurd. Too old for this shit. Young at heart. Gray trickling in. Street smart, 20 + years of experience. Handmade master of your craft. Contradictive self. Almost like art. Bend backwards and relearn to fit into a gallery setting. Forced containment. Canvas work is a fraction of yourself. That thing gallery artists used to do.

 So what else have you got to look forward to:

Gerard Zlotykamien - 50 years of ephemerals
Yaze - an  anti-portrait of abstraction
Clemens Behr - organic
Tania Mouraud - a conversation with a hero
Augustine Kofie - controlled chaos

~ and with book reviews, exhibition features, art on the street pics and tons more... why ain't you bought it already

Maybe because we haven't looked inside yet... lets do that now.

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