Friday, 7 September 2012

Off the Shelf, VNA

Off the Shelf

Issue 19
Documenting Street Art and Graffiti in print since 2006
Holy Smoke, it's that time again...
Hittin the cover this time is Lister, one of Australia's finest bare footed artists. VNA delves into his psyche and we find out that his grandmother's secret passion could well be the inspiration for starting his art. 
Another inspiring read is called Double Trouble an interview with the German Perre twins 
(How&Nosm). Their intricate yet free style, has a depth and absorbing quality. This seems to drag you into their work with their use of limited colours like reds, whites, pinks, blacks and greys.
 Some great quotes from these guys go like this;
" Graffiti to us was something we were doing while skateboarding the streets in Germany. For a long time we didn't even know about the graffiti movement and thought it was just the way skaters wrote".
 " If it wasn't for skating we may never have been found tagging". 
 "We've suffered dislocated toes, deep cuts, bruises, holes and all that bloody stuff. But we are still alive".
More of the contents include:
The Artists-
Low Bros
Ken Taylor
Best Ever
The places-

This is another ace issue from the London based paperback guys. As usual they have outdone themselves again and the next Issue (20) promises to be an utter Monster - we can't wait!

God, why isn't it out monthly... !
Big thanks to Chevy Thompson for being our magazine mannequin.

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