Friday, 7 September 2012

Off The Shelf, Juxtapoz Magazine, August 2012

Off the Shelf

Art + Culture Magazine
August 2012

We have kept our beady eye out for August's Juxtapoz magazine and it has finally arrived.

Whole load of stuff goin down in this issue, with Evan Hecox rockin the cover.
Yes, The Evan Hecox, the guy that produced some iconic and collectable skateboards for the cool company Chocolate. He is now working with gouache and acrylic on some well old vintage newspapers, using urban building and street scenes to create a montage of work (we particularly like the smashed up VW convertible). Take a look at the interview on page 34.

Let's look at the contents:
Misaki Kawai - Meet the Jackie Chan of art.
Remed - A Moroccan chocolate lover.
Cathie Bleck - Fascinated with Egypt and it's history.
Boris Vallejo and Julie Bell - Near naked bodies and flying fantasy animals.
Kenji Nakayama - Uses 'hand over hand' style of sign painting.
Robert Bowen - Collects bugs skulls and bones.

A multifaceted, multi coloured, multimedia magazine... that enough m's for yeh? Ha!

Take a gander inside...

Big Thanks to Hersoid for being a magazine mannequin.

To get phat on Juxtapoz or to purchase go on Logo

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