Friday, 7 September 2012

Off the Shelf, The Book of Bock, Gestalten

Off The Shelf

The Book of Bock
Author and Illustrator: Frank Höhne
Publisher: Gestalten
Urban Diction:
Meaning of Bock - Invitation to have fun!

With a naive almost childish style Frank Höhne takes us through the do's and don'ts of how to become an illustrator and then how to keep it fun and contemporary.

This German illustrator has worked for companies like Nike, Aveda, BMW and makes regular ad and illustration appearances in German Magazines and the tabloid press.
So what can you expect in this publication ~ a bounty of colourful creativity, naive yet satisfying, simplicity of illustration. He has an enchanting use of text and quotes, "Inspiration is the experimentation with Life", " It's not your skills it's your brain" or "Life is a fragile toy - so take care but play"!

This book has a high smile value and kept us coming back for more, even after we read it cover to cover.

Big thumbs up for this one... lets go inside.

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