Tuesday, 25 September 2012

100 Best Bikes, Zahid Sardar, Laurence King Press

100 Best Bikes
Author: Zahid Sardar
Publisher: Laurence King Press
Are you are into BMX or Mountain Biking, get hyped on Road Racing, a City Commuter or like to take the long way round on a Touring Bike? 
Then you may just want to clock this book!
What's inside: 
⁍ a fascinating look at advanced mechanics, engineering and innovative design. 
⁍ with wicked two wheeled technology from across Europe, East and South Asia and North America.
⁍ hooking up with major and maverick manufacturers.
⁍  also a look at the use of outlandish build materials.
A quote we can relate to, from the author Zahid Sardar, goes:
"Recently, some friend and I took sturdy red Batavus MacBikes out north of central Amsterdam onto a landscape of out-of-the-way dikes, medieval streets and secret gardens. The thrill of pedaling from a bustling city to a country adventure only a few miles away is still palpable and I realize this is why, unlike many other nineteenth-century inventions that have long disappeared, the bike is here to stay.
It spells freedom."
Let's see what the pictures have to say...
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