Friday, 7 September 2012

Off the Shelf, Juxtapoz Magazine, September 2012

Off the Shelf

Art + Culture Magazine
September 2012 
Oh yes, Juxtapoz is out...
Daniel Clowes hits on the cover this month. The cover illustration is from his book Ghost World, first published in 1997. The story is about two teenage girls leaving high school, the story and illustrations follow their development into adulthood. This fella is truly a one man comic army, starting his career in 1985 with Cracked Magazine in the US and he has never look back since. He likes to think of himself as a graphic novelist and his two most recent publications are Wilson and Mr Wonderful.
More discoveries on the inside pages, includes:
David Shirgley
Guy Colwell
Logan Hicks
The London Police
Mark Jenkins
and a Fab pair of shoes on page 25
Just a word about Boneface, his art seems to be inspired by nose bleeds - something that happens to him everyday.  
A liberal, free for all of dripping blood which feeds his passion for crappy b-movies, video games, cartoons and comics. We think this guy is worth a check out!
Time for an eye full...
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