Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Graffiti Art Magazine, Issue 16

Issue 16 hits the streets and with Rime in the mix it's gonna get real colourful real fast!

We can't get enough of this bilingual magazine (French/English), so when it does come out there is always a mad scramble to the letter box to be the first to eye it's contents.
With Rime on the cover, there's plenty to look at from the start and plenty to digest.

Here is a quote from Rime's site about himself and Graffiti:

That shit that happens outside. Full bodied application. Complicated motherf**ker’s sport. Interaction. Force play. Passion. Killing your old self by obsessing over something absurd. Too old for this shit. Young at heart. Gray trickling in. Street smart, 20 + years of experience. Handmade master of your craft. Contradictive self. Almost like art. Bend backwards and relearn to fit into a gallery setting. Forced containment. Canvas work is a fraction of yourself. That thing gallery artists used to do.

 So what else have you got to look forward to:

Gerard Zlotykamien - 50 years of ephemerals
Yaze - an  anti-portrait of abstraction
Clemens Behr - organic
Tania Mouraud - a conversation with a hero
Augustine Kofie - controlled chaos

~ and with book reviews, exhibition features, art on the street pics and tons more... why ain't you bought it already

Maybe because we haven't looked inside yet... lets do that now.

Told yeh, it is good... see more on Logo

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