Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Spray Paint, Liquitex, Low Odor

Spray Without a Scent
Now, let's just start with a few apologies. Liquitex Low Odor paint was launched in August 2012 so firstly we want to apologise to you (the reader) and secondly to Liquitex, for not getting the word out there sooner.
So here it is, if you want to get some painting done and wanna ditch that manky dust mask, then this paint could be the one for you, with its water-based technology for vibrance of colour, lightfastness, durability, that all important low odor uniqueness and it doesn't have the usual skin and eye irritant warnings that other spray cans have!
Liqutex has kindly sent some tins for us to do a mural with, so we are waiting for an opportunity to work on an inside wall to do this paint justice so please bear with us until we get in the right venue. We did however, do an indoor spray test and to our relief and astonishment there was very little smell from the paint. That will definitely please the clients who want a mural indoors and for those who want to stand and watch us painting outdoors.
This paint could Free your Face and your Mind...
Over the last year this paint has been tested by UK artists like:
Rocket 01
Dale Grimshaw
Mr Cenz
Andrew Mcattee
and many more...

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