Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Color Me Manga Graffiti, Shiro, From Here to Fame

Color Me Manga Graffiti
Illustrator: Shiro
Publisher: From Here to Fame

This is a coloring book for Kids of all ages.

Japanese female graffiti artist Shiro, has used manga styled characters as inspiration for this publication. Her fun loving vision of life comes out in her art with inspirations coming from old school hip hop, Bboy and of course manga culture.

Quote from Shiro: 
Although manga wasn't my only interest as a kid (I was really more into video games), Japanese manga has a big impact on my art work. In Japan, manga is an important staple of our culture, as important as rice and chopsticks are in Japanese cuisine!"

It looks like it's time to get your crayon fingers ready.

Let's check inside...

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