Saturday, 25 February 2012

Street Test. Eastpak. Getter. Popout. Backpack

Eastpak (2nd post)
'Getter' Back Pack
From Their Urban Collection

Eastpak has kindly given us a backpack for our Street Test Feature. 

And the saga continues... 

We have had some pretty criminal weather just recently, plenty of downpours with a bitta snow thrown in for good measure. That means soggy ground and a mud bath out on the trails. So it's no surprise that we were mucked up to the 'Getter' on the photo shoot yesterday, even though the sun was out and the birds were singing the joys of spring.

It felt real good on the back and on some of the long up-hill pulls that we had to do to get to the intended shoot area, the bag didn't stress out the shoulders at all (the S and chest straps spread the load to take the stress off your upper arms on a long ride)!

As for visiting friends and artists at galleries - we discovered an almost attractive disdain towards the bag. Someone remarked, "Shit, that's loud" and eventually "I quite like it, it's growing on me" an attitude which seems to follow us wherever we went.

Looks like a big thumbs up to Eastpak so far... 

More Testing to come, keep um peeled!

Coffee shop partner... lacking in conversation though, dang!
In Switch Studio, on the casting couch... read these lines for us please!
Zebster photo shoot... just hangin around outside.
Back to Black...

Your nicked me son...

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