Friday, 24 February 2012

Juxta. September 2011

Art + Culture Magazine
September 2011

We got it yippeeee! - (we'll explain) we're always elated when one of our favourite mags hit the doormat and after feverishly wrestling with the envelope to get to the contents within, it usually ends up with people in the office impatiently waiting their turn to get their greasy mitts on the latest copy.
Again, this month's Juxtapoz draws us in, with Neck Face on the cover - a loving couple intent on listening to Lady Gaga and on the back cover, an advert for the new Converse Skate Shoes (yes believe it - sk8 shoes) so it's all looking hunky-dory.
Peelin back the pages reveals:
A view with Neck Face: Wearing powder blue footed PJ's
Marion Peck: Looking cute and disturbing
The Costacos Brothers: Photoshop by a 10 year old.
Kaput: Drinking suicide slurpees and surfing
Tara Tucker: Taxidermicly (not a proper word - but you get the meaning) challenged by crossing a spider monkey with a carnivorous plant... it's just wrong!
And Brian Bowen Smith doing a camel stand.
As you will soon see, it's full of vibrant pictures and text which is what we have come to expect from Juxtapoz Magazine.
Time to let your fingers and eyes have a wander...

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