Friday, 24 February 2012

Juxta. February 2012

Art + Culture Magazine

February 2012

Teeth cleaned, garbage out, dishes washed, dog walked and moby/cell phone off - no more distractions for  a couple of hours, just enough time to snuggle up with the new Juxtapoz magazine and have a good gander!
Packed to the gunnels with arty goodness, this issue lights up like a beacon of reddy redness to attract the weariest of folk to it's warm inviting cover and... 'whaaat,  dang just get on with it will yeh!!'
Ok then...
Jeremy Geddes heads up this month's cover illustration, his realistic yet surreal style with fine art skills thrown in. Brilliant control of space and time continuum, we thinks! 
Another featured artist is one of our favs Ed Templeton, with his almost naive yet meaningful designs that turn up on skateboard graphics, canvases and gallery walls at an extraordinary rate these days and so they should!
We hear you ask... 'what the hell's on the contents page already?'
Jeremy Geddes of course... he paints for 12 hours a day, 7 days a week, a single painting can take up to 6 months to finish.
Ed Templeton of course... he married his wife Deanna at the ripe ol age of 19 and is a wicked aim with a slingshot, especially from a moving van.
Interesni Kazki... in Ukraine means interesting fairy tales.
Laurie Lipton... when younger, while other children were drawing flowers and bunnies, she was drawing bodies being blown up in wars and Cowboys and Indians mutilating each other... umm Nice?
Esther Pearl Watson... last summer she drew 100 pages a week for her third Unlovable comic anthology.
Modern Multiples... in the right mind set he would go up to a Casino Roulette wheel and say"everything on black".
... we could go on but we won't.
Right, lets see what's connected to the spine...
RDC: We just dismissed the myth that was; 'You shouldn't get your fingers in a shot".
"As promised, more from the inquisitive finger."
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