Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Taschen. The Copy Book

The Copy Book.
Publisher: TASCHEN

It does what it says on the cover "How some of the best advertising writers in the world write their advertising."
Another impressive tablet from Taschen Publishing. 

With a hefty insight into marketing and with contributions from 47 leading writers. 
Also contains catchy throw out quotes like "A picture paints a thousand words", "A. make your own B.", "Just do it." and "A picture is worth ten words, max." 
Thumbing through the book reveals all sorts of adverts, some you may recognise and some you may not, but all have influenced society in one way or another over the years.
What makes adds have an impact? This book looks at memorable verts, those that moved the public and the agencies forward to explore more sublime and risky content - one might say brainwashing techniques from the pros.
Check this out from the Preface:
"But let me ask you: in the course of your entire life, and across all the myriad communications that you have consumed, what stands out? What lives in your mind? What causes you to change your mind, or at least re-evaluate a long-held position? Could it be something you read?" 
RD: Or indeed seen? 
So get yourself ready for impact, stimulating images/text and what the writers themselves think of their work and how the ideas came to fruition.
For those of you with sensitive stomachs... you are dared to venture further down the post page.
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