Sunday, 26 February 2012

Maverick Slacklines. Relentless Energy Drink. Product Test

Maverick Slacklines
Relentless Energy Drinks
A big thanks goes out to Maverick Industries for throwing us a Slackline and letting us give it a go.
Also thanks goes out to Relentless who threw in some refreshments for the afternoon, tins of "Devotion Berry Juiced Energy", which kept us focused and sparkling for the whole day.
The Slackline Experience:
It comes with its own nylon bag so the line and ratchet fits neatly into a small backpack so as not to scrape your precious ipod or knocking the lid off a spray can and filling your bag to the brim with gold paint and fumes.
The idea is to strap it between two trees - make sure you have some padding between the tree and line. We got some cheap foam which was light to carry and padded things out well. Use the rachet system to pull it down tight.
Then when you want a break from the busy skate park, get people hyped by walkin the slackline and throwing in a front flip, or bum bounce back to line and you will have your chums rubbin their eyes in disbelief.
It was well user friendly and within a few hours even the ol Rad guy was walkin the line. A bunch of kids threw off their runners and walked it bare foot - with the support of a friendly shoulder by their side. Also a guy named John just couldn't keep off it and ended up helping us pack away, he was that impressed.
Overall impression:
If you wana try something different, and use the core balance you've gained from skate boarding, then it's defo worth a try... and we nearly forgot to mention, if your going to fall, 50 cms ain't that harsh a blow, especially if it's set up on the grass!
Relentless Devotion Experience:
Everyone that tried out the S/line got a tinny of refreshment. This Berry flavour hit the spot, the day was hot with a still wind, so knockin back a few to keep hydrated was the name of the game.
Also on a stealth graff bomb the Relentless blended in nicely with the spray cans and tasted alot better then the paint fumes.
Check a few images below.

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