Sunday, 19 February 2012

From Here to Fame. Schwarz Auf Weiss Vol.2

Schwarz Auf Weiss Volume II
Author: Style Needs No Colour
Publisher: From Here To Fame

As you know we like to take our review books on journeys, with location shots in skateparks, old derelict buildings, someone's studio or an old workshop. None of the usual table set up with directive lighting for us, just the natural light that (if it's a quality publication) shows the title off in it's raw state! Also we like to put a hand or a foot in to give you a perspective of how big the book is.

With this book we thought we would give the back drop a bit of colour and texture, because as the title states Style Needs No Colour, and yeh know, it just maybe right!

Quote from the book:
"Style Needs No Colour works on the notion that excessive colours and flashy techniques should not be used to repair a weak foundation. It upholds the philosophy that artwork should be able to stand alone without unnecessary distractions and therefore SNNC artists restrict their palette to black and white."

The Style Needs No Colour artists are like-minded black and white illustrators who have their roots world wide and collaborate not only in publications like this but also shows, exhibitions, installations and street war comps.
They are a truly international B&W collective with quality sketches that will leave you wondering when Volume III will be out?

Let's split open the cover...


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