Thursday, 16 February 2012

Gestalten. Arabesque 2

Arabesque 2
Graphic Design from the Arab World and Persia 
Editors: Ben Wittner and Sascha Thoma
Publisher: Gestalten

To show this title off to its full potential we decided to pull up at a Mosque and use it as a back drop for this shoot.
After asking permission to wander the grounds, we managed to coax the sun into shining just enough to create the illusion of a gold cladded building to add to the already lush exterior of this book.
The book 'pops' with a vibrant cover of silver with its black and white scroll design which continues on the interior pages and with loads more glamour fixed to the spine.

The Arabesque style seems to be slightly more busy (by busy, we mean more going on) then their western counterparts. This culture's writing overlaps into their art. With 'busy' comes more work and the end result certainly projects quality artistic endeavours throughout.
What's in the Contents:

Photo + Type
Pixel Pattern Mosaic
Editorial Design
Type Design
The 3rd Dimension
This book was an eye opener for us. There is a lot of fine work coming out of the Arab Emirates... don't ignore it, it's ace art!
Take a glance at the pages...

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