Sunday, 18 March 2012

Juxtapoz Magazine, April 2012 Issue


Art + Culture Magazine

  April 2012

Wow, it's that time again and it's looking good!
Bursting at the seams with Ed"Big Daddy"Roth, hitting hard on the cover this month with his 'Rat Fink" illustration and on the flip side another Converse wall in Hitnes, Napoli with an oceanic scene of fishies and star fish.

In the Contents:
Hownosm - the Spanish born, German twins now living in New York show us the intricacies of their work. An eye opener for some.

Ed Roth - at 250lbs, Ed is a black belt in karate, but this is not a graceful sight however.

Liqen - his work is born of mystery and fiction, like a womb or like the origins, always enigmatic by nature (not our words, his words).

John Baizley - always enjoys working on his sometimes very graphic designs.

Matt W. Moore - loves to eat lobster till he is full, sometimes 3 or 4 at a time. His art consists of varying shapes and a mix of vibrant colours.

Esteban Bojorquez - lived in a chicken coop for over 8 years back in the 1980s... should prove to be an interesting interview.

Like we've said before, there is so much more than just what we've outlined in the contents. A multitude of visual impaction that will leave you well satisfied!

PS. Our friend Phlegm from Sheffield, UK comments on Kid Acnes work on page 128... stoked.

Time to get down and dirty, lets go inside...

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