Thursday, 8 March 2012

VNA. Very Nearly Almost Magazine. 14

Very Nearly Almost Magazine

Our friends from VNA got in touch...take a look.

VNA 14 features, as ever, a whole host of amazing art and interviews with some of street art’s leading lights.

This issue, we have a unique cover by UK artist Sickboy. Known for his iconic, brightly coloured ‘temple’ motif, he’s created some of the most striking work seen on the UK streets, and he has a lot to say in his in-depth interview.

We also talked to Mysterious Al one – of the original ‘street artists’ and founder of “Finders Keepers” crew – the NYC legend that is Doze Green alongside illustrator Evan Hecox and master stencilist Chris Stain.

But it’s not just about the established names, as we chatted to rising Portuguese artist Pedro Matos, Reka and the brilliantly named Dick Chicken.

Last but by no means least, we chatted to one of Banksy’s favourite groups, Russian art collective ‘Voina’. Recently released from a Moscow prison, they spill the beans on their art, Russia and how to draw a 60-metre penis on a bridge opposite the KGB headquarters.
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