Saturday, 3 March 2012

Protest Stencil Toolkit. Patrick Thomas. Laurence King Press

Protest Stencil Toolkit
Patrick Thomas
Publishers: Laurence King Press

We at the Collective don't often get chance to"try a book out" but with this fine title, interaction was unavoidable. It was also unusual because it came with a warning- we couldn't wait to look inside☋

Yep, we're talkin about a book loaded with stencils, all you have to supply is a tin of colour and Bob's your uncle.

It contains 46 die- cut stencils, made with good quality card which can be re-used loads of times! We gave some a spray at a skatepark and the card dried dead fast(in the past with our home made ones we have had to slam them in our bags wet, not good) these were dry in minutes...impressive!

Brain child of Patrick Thomas, born in Liverpool, England and now a member of the Alliance Graphique Internationale and a graffer in high places as well an established artist in his own right!

If makin a statement is your thing, no need to get out the Swann-Morton surgical scalpel to slash away at yourself and some cardboard-get the book, it's all done for ya...relief!

☀Get in on the Book launch evening, loads going on and with Patrick Thomas in attendance.

☀Look at the previous Post for an invite☀

images taken with Nokia N8

For more info
on this book,
which promises
to deliver endless
hours of fun.
Go to Laurence King on the
Red K Logo below.

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