Saturday, 10 March 2012

Neonbeige Ehrenhoodie Cartridges line. Hoodie. Nathalie van den Bergh

Meet Imogen, she is a second year textile student at Derby University and was up for a bit of modelling. Here, she is showing one of Nathalie van den Bergh's hoodie designs.
This is the first product test of the Neonbeige Ehrenhoodie Cartridges line, a wicked idea that Nathalie came up with when her sister wanted a cover just for her head. 
They are available in various colours and fabrics. Imogen preferred the pink 'Simrock Bali' design if she'd  had a choice and she thought it was a cozy way to spend a tutorial session. 
Look for more adventures of the Neonbeige Hoodie over the next few weeks...

To check out the online shop go... HERE

By the way the site is in German, all you need to know is what 'In den Warenkorb' means, which is  'Add to shopping basket"... Sorted

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