Thursday, 8 March 2012

Juxtapoz. Illustration 2. Gingko Press

Illustration 2
Publisher: Gingko Press
Here, at the Collective we have had the privilege of reviewing some wicked magazines, Juxtapoz being one of them. It is always nice to get some of the best collections of illustration in one place and this publication culminates in years of featuring the best of the best - now in a second edition for you and our viewing pleasure.
Juxtapoz Art and Culture Magazine was established by Californian artist Robert Williams in 1994 to document and explore art movement stemming largely from the West Coast of the USA. Many years later this movement has gone global and not only celebrates the works of the West Coast but now the whole of the World.
This book profiles leading artists in illustration and elaborates on their work, not so much in words but through their artist style and interpretation. How does the saying go 'pictures speak louder than words', this saying seems to fit well within the remit of this book.
With 24 artists showing their images, here are a few names you may recognise:
Ryan Bubins
Dabs Myla
Evan Fan
Rachel Sumpter
...nough of the chat, let's get between the covers...

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