Saturday, 26 May 2012

Juxtapoz Magazine, June 2012 Issue

Art + Culture Magazine
June 2012

It's that time of month again... are you ready?

Juxtapoz magazine is about to drop and as usual they have an ace selection of articles hiding between the covers. On the front cover of this month's issue is Don Pendleton, his unmistakeable style has been finely tuned after years of working as a graphic artist with skateboard companies like Alien Workshop and Element.

As we thumb through the pages, pictures leap out at us like the train paintings by Utah and Ether as they dodge the guards and spray by flash light. Backing up through the mag we find Raul Gonzalez with his paintings with their muted and weathered colours (colours muted by coffee and Mexican piss apparently). Vibrant graffitied vans by Kevin Cyr and they are wheely nice...

And if you like slapping the mouse... there are loads of galleries, fashion ideas, spray paint shops and  slick sock website links for you to explore.

What's in the contents we hear you ask:
Don Pendleton
Wayne White
Kevin Cyr
Brian Chippendale
Raul Gonzalez
Killian Eng
Ether and Utah

Take a look for yourself...

To check the POST at Juxtapoz, go on the Logo

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