Sunday, 3 June 2012

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'Visa Signature iPad Wallet'

Categories: M-Commerce

For use on:
⁍ iPad
Some Mobile/Cell Phones

Visa Signature iPad Wallet: 
This is a credit card which gives the user loads of offers on tickets, accommodation,  dining, cut price flights and much more. With this app the pop-up wallet becomes interactive, it tells you what offers are available. Allowing you to quickly rifle through your wallet, making choices on purchases and reservations simple and fast. 
Great for the business person on the go... by the sounds!

Closer look at the App here...
 To purchase the book go here...

Collaboration: Rad Dad Collective have hooked up with Taschen Publishing to bring you an 'App a Week.' The inspiration came when we received a copy of The App & Mobile Case Study Book from Taschen and we were well impressed!

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