Monday, 5 November 2012

Forever, The New Tattoo, R. Klanten, F. Schulze, Gestalten

The New Tattoo 
Editors: R. Klanten, F. Schulze 
Publisher: Gestalten

Today, tattoos are readily excepted and have lost the underground mystique which they once had. In the past they were wrongly or rightly associated with the criminal fraternity, with the likes of rebel bikers, hoods (not to be confused with hoodies) and unsavory types lurking in alleyways waiting to pounce on the unsuspecting. 

We thought those days had gone but this book likes to contradict that idea. Tattoos are going underground again, not being inked on the arms of the hoods though, more a sub-culture which includes street artists, skaters and fashion conscious to name just a few. Far more of a visual art then ever before...

Forever, breaks the mold of standard tattoo books and their typical displays of flesh. This publication is an in-depth investigation of current developments in contemporary tattoo culture. It showcases key tattoo innovators and a broad range of fresh styles by the likes of Peter Aurisch, Mark Cross, Rafel Delalande, Lionel Fahy, Happypets, Sue Jeiven, Jondix, Xed LeHead, Lea Nahon, Liam Sparkes, Tomas Tomas, Fuzi UVTPK, Tom Yak, and Yvonne Ziegler, among many others.

Be ready for some wonderful photography to hit the retinas - time to take a thumb through...  

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